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In order to gain your Full UK Driving License you are required to take and pass two types of test, the first being your theory test. Your Gemini Instructor can help you pick out the best study guides, whether that be in the form of apps, books, or DVDs. They will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have, and explain anything that you don't understand. 


To book your theory test you need to book directly with the DVSA. There are many sites out there claiming that they are the ones to book through, but we assure you the best, quickest and SAFEST way to book your theory test is directly with the DVSA. 




You can also practice your theory test HERE


The Theory Test costs £23.


Other sites out there will charge you more and you often won't find out when the actual test is until up to two weeks after you've booked with them.


Please ensure that you only book using the link above, direct with the DVSA.


Part of your theory test will involve a Hazard Perception test. Take a look at the video on the right for an example of how this part of the test works.

After you have passed your theory test let your instructor know as soon as you can. This is for two reasons; first of all, we will congratulate you, and secondly, we will start work immediately on getting your practical test booked!



The Theory Test

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